Kobo never chooses the brush

The people who are throwing the bombs are not physically starved, but they’re starved spiritually. They’re longing to hear something which will expand the spirit; because they can’t find it and can’t hear it, they are taking to these imprisoning thoughts and actions, and therefore anybody who practises meditation with a right life (rings bell) the dharma will speak through them.

Yoga and Zen say we can begin to see and express beauty

It’s perfectly possible to hold the two thoughts, but generally our secondary train of thought is complaint, or fear, or anxiety, or hate, or anticipation, or ambition, and Yoga and Zen say this can be changed. We can hold, we can begin to see, beauty, and we can begin to express it.

What is the Soul?

What’s going to heaven that’s going to be blessed? And the problem, our problem is, am I going with all my faults? Or are my faults going to be corrected?

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