Shri Shankara Acharya’s Vakyavritti Verse 34

“That which has been very carefully established in the Vedanta as the only goal for the seekers of final release – that is Brahman. This you must understand”.


Here is a further explanation of Brahman to be meditated upon.

Although the authority of holy Shrutl is unchallenged, reasoning plays a very important part in Vedanta and is applied to silence opposition and to put on a firm logical basis the conception of Brahman, the non-dual reality.

True reasoning is not mere logic-chopping, but very practical metaphysics.

Over and above all man seeks liberation from limitations. His soul aspires to that unbroken and unsurpassed peace which is called moksha (release).

There is no other way to experience that supreme spiritual state than to realize Brahman as the abiding entity in the intellect and the soul of man.

Though the grace of God is essential, it is not the direct cause of liberation.

His grace enables man to surpass all limitations and to realize the Highest.

Shri Shankara Acharya’s Vakyavritti Verse 35

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