Question: The texts sometimes say that men seem to be unable to imagine their own death. Surely this is untrue: all of us are clearly aware that our life will end – that is why we make our wills. We know we shall die.

Answer: Yes, but not just now. In 1975, when the aged dictator of Spain was dying in his presidential palace overlooking a wide square in Madrid, large numbers of his supporters came in relays to stand in front of the palace and chant their farewells:

“Goodbye, Franco. Goodbye!”

The sound of the voices could be heard from the sick bed in the palace. It is said that the 83-year old General beckoned to the doctor who was attending him and said feebly:

“Where are all these people going?”

The story illustrates the point on a superficial level, but in Yoga it has to be gone into much more deeply. It is not just a question a where the others are going, but where I am going, and then deeper, where am I now and finally what am I now.

© Trevor Leggett

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