No Zen Sutra, no samadhi of Patanjali, no ecstasy of Plotinus for me. No powers over others; no great joys of Paradise; no fame as a scholar, a pretender, or a miracle worker—none, none of these, O Hari, O Rama, O Allah, O Jesus, my Atman (Self).

Grant me the capacity to love Thee with my soul and heart— in all—O Rama.

In peace, in war, in health or in illness, in riches or poverty, in India or in Britain, Thou art the sole ruler. May I bend my head ever and ever before the poor and lowly, and adore Thee day in and day out as my Atman.

Grant me the sight that I may see Thee reflected in the mirror of Maya and worship Thee as my Dada, my Rama Tirthaji.

That is all O Lord of Lords.

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