41. O Nirbhaya! Break the quiver of anger, thou hast no enemy O friend!

42. Discharge the missiles of divine know1edge on Avarana, at every moment it causes disruption in the world O Nirbhaya.

43. Destroy pleasure-desire with the arrows of wisdom O Nirbhaya. Avoid this snare as long as thou hast breath.

44. O Nirbhaya! Be not severe with anyone nor show a sour face. Live in peace and harmony and give up thy feeling of self-superiority.

45. The King of Balskhi gave up his throne, he gave up ambition and wa1ked in the way of truth O Nirbhaya.

46. Abandon planning; worship the Lord. Music sounds, march forward O Nirbhaya.

47. Sacrifice thy body and mind at the feet of thy Sad-Guru. By His grace thy cycle of birth and death has ended and thou hast found peace.

48. Watch the ways of the world and laugh and clap thy hands O Nirbhaya! Folly appears in the garb of theories.

49. This frail body will perish and one day thou wilt disappear O Nirbhaya.! Enquire into Reality without ceasing – be not idle.

50. Forgive cheerfully the faults of others O Nirbhaya! Then thou also wilt be forgiven.

 These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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